LED Garage lights, also known as LED Canopy lights, convert a dark vulnerable space to a much safer haven. Ideal for Service Stations, entrances to warehouses and evening colleges.


These fittings are perfect for undercover carparks and walkways. Choose from standard, weatherproof, sensor or emergencies. Or combine all options to suit the location.


LED Floodlights are broad-beamed, high-intensity lights that withstand all types of weather conditions. They are often used to illuminate outdoor playing fields, outdoor carparks, even a backyard pool area.


Buildings with high ceilings need High Bays. Warehouses, walkways in shopping centres and general areas in gyms all need to be well lit underfoot even though the ceiling a long way off.


For rooms where soft, relaxed lighting is required Oyster Lights are perfect. Being attractive, flush surface mounted, they are easy to install, easy on the eye and easy on the pocket.


Panel Lights come as recessed, surface mount, suspended or built-in. Because of their sleek appearance and even light spread, they fit well almost anywhere, eg residential, medical rooms, schools, reception areas.


The flexibility of Strip Lights has made them the first choice for lighting a work bench, breakfast bar, set of stairs even an outdoor deck, since they can be waterproof as well as being available as RGB.


The LED Tube replaces the old fluorescent tube. Anywhere a fluorescent tube was used, you could introduce an LED Tube and benefit from the energy efficiency, long life and steady light source.


Since the introduction of this legislation, there have been major improvements in the style and quality of products. LED Imagine Pty Ltd have sourced top-of-the-line units which comply fully with the law; and we supply at a reasonable price.


We have access to a wide range of flood lights designed to function in stadiums and sporting venues. They have optical light distribution technology and heat dissipation technology.

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